Second Printing of Levels Prep, 1, and 2

    In only two short years, our first printing of Levels

Prep, 1, and 2 has sold out.  We have made some

changes and updates to the second printing of these


    The order of the pieces in these first three books has

changed to better accommodate teachers new to the

Series.  The versatility to use any piece at any time in

a given level remains.  The ordering simply allows for teachers to assign the first piece in the Lyrical, Rhythmic, or Ensemble section and immediately enjoy the benefits of a corresponding Improv Etude from the Etudes Album.

    In addition to fixing various small errors, the Prep Album now includes printed rests.  Our initial concept in omitting rests was meant to match with the introduction of concepts found in various other methods.  Response from teachers was that their students were more perplexed by the “missing” beats.

    Finally, in the Prep Level and Level Two, you will now find the musical genre of each piece indicated in a box near the title.

Media Player CD Track Titling Updated

Media players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, and WinAmp rely on a service called Gracenote for automatically titling the CD track titles when a disc is inserted in the computer.  We have recently updated all American Popular Piano CD track titles on Gracenote.

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Level 6 Audio

The ensemble backings to “Starlight” are in the wrong key.  Our apologies.

Click here to download free, corrected MP3s (6.2 MB)