Level Seven

  1. Melodies involve more complicated scale-type crossings and position changes, including some leaps. The melody is often found on top of triads and 4-note chords.

  2. Harmonies become more sophisticated. Textures become more full, with larger stretches. Increased used of coloristic textures.

  3. Rhythm includes syncopation involving dotted rhythms. Increased use of 16th notes.

  4. Technical Requirements demand reasonable speed, agility and accurate leaps.

  5. Improvisation advances step-by-step building blocks for melodic and vamp construction; more advanced terminology and labels for scales, modes, and chords; increased complexity of interplay between the hands; continues developing improvisation in a more sophisticated melodic and harmonic environment.

  1. Comparable Pieces from the Classical Repertoire:

  2. Bach - easier Preludes

  3. Beethoven - Sonatinas in G Major and F major

  4. Grieg - easier Lyric Pieces

  5. Kabalevsky - Four Rondos, Op. 60

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