Level Eight

  1. Melodies involve a broader range of leaps and turns. Frequent position changes.

  2. Harmonies make full use of jazz harmonies, with frequent repeated notes, and double-note figures.

  3. Rhythm articulation becomes more complex, with a variety of off-beat accents and syncopation.

  4. Technical Requirements require a full range of speed and movement at the intermediate level.

  5. Improvisation continues to advance step-by-step building blocks for melodic and vamp construction; level-appropriate terminology and labels for scales, modes, and chords; fluent improvised rhythmic interplay between the hands.

  6. Comparable Pieces from the Classical Repertoire

  7. Bach - Menuets from French Suites

  8. Haydn - easier Sonatas

  9. Heller - easier Studies

  10. Muczynski - Fables, Op. 21

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