Novus Via Music Group is dedicated to bridging the gap between aspirations and achievement. 

  1. Recent research has found that 80% of Americans wish they had learned to play a musical instrument.  67% say they would still like to learn.  Yet the numbers of people studying music has been declining annually since the early 1980’s. 

  2. At Novus Via Music, we believe there are two main reasons for this: too many students don’t build sufficient basic skills to actually play their instrument; and

  3. the process of studying music isn’t enjoyable enough to motivate sustained progress.

The mission of Novus Via Music Group is to effect positive change.

  1. Carefully crafted by world-renowned members of the music education community, Novus Via Music Group publications provide:

  2. a standardized curriculum, providing attainable goals to improve motivation, focus, and overall success;

  3. a variety of popular and classical styles, all pedagogically sound and sequenced;

  4. musicianship skills – covering ear-training, sight-reading, technique, and improvisation – in user-friendly modules to ensure progress and success for all students;

  5. technology leveraged in a deliberate mix of old and new – including instrumental backings, podcasts, and distance learning.

Novus Via Music delivers a musically comprehensive and engaging education for diverse types of students. 

  1. Different streams are tailored to students’ needs and expectations – but enjoyment, a positive outcome, and development of solid musical skills are ensured throughout study. 

  2. American Popular Stream for students more motivated by contemporary styles;

  3. Classical Stream for traditional piano students who want to play mainly classical music;

  4. Young Artist Stream for highly motivated students whose goal is to perform at an advanced level.

Novus Via Music Group was founded to offer a standardized curriculum for developing musicians.  The group’s founding members are: Christopher Norton, composer of the worldwide smash hit Microjazz; Scott McBride Smith, visionary leader in pedagogy and author of The Well-Tempered Keyboard Teacher; and Clarke MacIntosh, former President of the Frederick Harris Music Company.